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Solar Combisystems - European Overview of installed Systems 2001-2003
The brochure gives a one-page information on every installed systems. The one page information gives the main data of the installation site and the system together with estimated performances and cost. The brochure also has an introduction giving an overview of the system features and markets etc.The systems are presented by a number of indicators that makes comparison of the system features possible, and which have been elaborated in the project.  

Overview (pdf 0.28MB)
Austria (pdf 3.21MB)
Denmark (pdf 1.50MB)
France (pdf 1.71MB))
Germany (pdf 6.71MB)
Italy (pdf 1.10MB)
The Netherlands (pdf 1.67MB)
Sweden (pdf 0.88MB)

A PC-tool for performance estimation of combisystems. The PC-programme can estimate the performance of a number of different combisystem designs, under different climates and different loads.

PC-programme (3.9MB)

Conditions and Problems to Be Aware of When Integrating Solar Combisystems in Buildings
The document summarises the overall experience by the participants on practical aspects when installing combisystems.

pdf file (0.54 MB)

Documents on monitoring and system characterisation
Comparison of monitored results report
The document gives results of monitoring and extrapolation of monitored results to one-year results.

pdf file (1.92 MB)

Monitoring procedure,
The document gives guidelines for monitoring

pdf file (0.16 MB)

Documentation of plants, Calculation of main energy data of solar combisystems
The document defines indicators for characterisation and comparison of installed systems.

pdf file (0.03 MB)

The FSC procedure, a powerful design tool
The document explains the FSC procedure that is the basis of the CombiSun programme and the characterisation of the systems 

pdf file (0.19 MB)
National reports on monitoring describes the monitoring in every country:  
Austria: Monitoring results of three Austrian plants

pdf file (0.56 MB)

Denmark: Monitoring of Danish combisystems (rev 02-2004)

pdf file (1.02 MB)

France: Monitoring Results for 3 French Plants

pdf file (0.45 MB)

Germany: Monitoring Results for 3 German Plants

pdf file (3.42 MB)

Italy: 'Solar Combisystems, Work carried out by Ambiente Italia', Milan, May 2003.

pdf file (2.34 MB)

Sweden: Monitoring report Sweden, Status April 2003

pdf file (2.16 MB)

The Netherlands: Monitoring Results for Three Dutch Solar Combisystems

pdf file (1,74 MB)

Project documentation
Final report. May 2003
Final project report

pdf file (0.26 MB)

Interim report, October 2002 
The interim report document work carried out until October 2002

pdf file (1.43 MB)

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