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The European Solar Combisystem project:
  • More than 200 solar combisystemes installed in 7 EC countries

  • Presentation sheets (including cost and performance estimation) of all installed plants

  • Monitoring of 39 plants

  • A PC-tool for performance estimation of solar combisystems

  • Guidelines for installation and design

  • Seminars about solar combisystems in 7 countries

  • Documents on characterisation and comparisons of solar combisystems

(All documents and PC-programme downloadable from this website)

From April 2001 to March 2003  Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and The Netherlands have carried out the EC Altener programme project: Solar Combisystems.

The project has been related to the IEA task 26 collaboration about solar combisystems, and one of the aims was to convert the findings of the IEA task to information usable for the public. Another aim was to collect practical information on real installed combisystems. The project has been successfully completed in March 2003. This website contains the deliveries of the project which are available for download.


The project coordination was carried out by:

Klaus Ellehauge,
Ellehauge & Kildemoes
Responsible for the project work packages were:
Planning and establishment of systems:  Klaus Ellehauge,
Ellehauge & Kildemoes
Seminars, documentation and comparison of systems:
Alexander Thr, AEE
Monitoring, characterisation and comparison of systems: Thomas Letz, ASDER
Further project participants are seen under contacts 

The project was carried out in collaboration with the Solar Keymark project and the Sun in Action II project. 


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